Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies

The Major

For this major, you must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours in Women's Studies core and elective courses. Of these, at least 27 hours must be at the 3000-4000 level. The three required courses for all majors are WST 3015, Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Women's Studies; WST 3415, Transnational Feminism; and WST 4935, Capstone  Seminar in Women's Studies.  We recommend that these courses be taken in sequence; WST 4935 is usually taken in the senior year. Students are required to have a minimum 2.0 GPA in courses taken for credit in the major by the time of graduation.

To ensure a good grasp of the content, theories, and methods of Women's Studies scholarship, students may take courses from across the university (or “outside the Center”) as well as in the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research.  Course offerings are available each semester on the "Courses” page. Students  choose one of three concentrations (described below) in the major.  They plan and monitor their progress to degree by using the appropriate Undergraduate Progress to Degree form for their track.  Students should consult the program's FAQ page and/or the undergraduate advisor with questions about areas of concentration, degree requirements, and progress towards graduation.

General Concentration

The "General Concentration" allows students to tailor their coursework for maximum exposure to the various issues covered by scholarship in Women's Studies. In addition to the core requirements, students in the general concentration must take at least 9 credit hours in approved Humanities courses, 9 credit hours in approved Social Science courses, and 3 credit hours in Internship (WST 4940) or 3 credit hours in approved Gender & Science courses.  Courses in each area are marked with an “H,” and “SS,” or a “G&S” on the "Courses” page. Using the General Concentration Progress to Degree worksheet helps to ensure that students remain on track for this concentration. Please print it out and use it to keep track of all requirements.

Concentration in Theories and Politics of Sexuality

A concentration in "Theories and Politics of Sexuality" emphasizes the history, politics, social structures, and biological explanations for sexualities.  In addition to the core requirements, students take 18 credits of approved course work, including either WST 3603 (Sexualities Studies) or ENG 4844 (Queer Theory), and the 15 hours drawn from an approved list of electives with a "T" designation posted each semester on the "Courses” page. New courses or one-time courses may also count for this concentration, and if a student takes a course s/he believes might count for this concentration,  s/he may petition the Women's Studies undergraduate advisor to use that course as an approved elective.  Using the  TPS Progress to Degree Worksheet helps students remain on track for this concentration. Please print it out and use it to keep track of your requirements.

Concentration in International Perspectives on Gender

This track emphasizes the experiences of women and men around the globe, with an eye to achieving a cross-cultural perspective on gender, power, sexuality, and the way social and cultural changes impact gender relations.  In addition to the core requirements, students must take at least 21 credit hours in  approved Internationally-focused courses with the "IPG" designation.  New courses or special topics courses may also count for this concentrationand all courses are posted each semester on the "Courses” page. Using the IPG Progress to degree worksheet, helps students remain on track for this concentration. Please print it out and use it to keep track of your requirements.

Double Major

The double major--one major in Women's Studies and one in another field--is advisable for many students.  Students may "double-count," or apply one course towards both majors, up to 15 credits, but they must still meet the distribution requirements in Women's Studies and all other requirements in their other major. More information on double majoring is available here.


To graduate cum laude, a student must have an overall junior-/senior- level grade point average of 3.5 or higher. To graduate magna cum laude  or summa cum laude, students must enroll in WST4970 and complete an Honors Thesis under the supervision of a committee consisting of an advisor and a second reader.   To be enrolled in WST4970, students must first complete the  Application to Pursue an Honors Thesis and submit it to the Undergraduate Coordinator no later than the first week of classes in the term in which the plan to graduate.  Complete information on choosing  a topic, setting up a committee, completing and turning in the thesis, and on evaluation standards is available here.   Students will be awarded magna cum laude or  summa cum laude based on their committee's evaluation of the Honors Thesis.

Overseas Study

The program is building courses for study abroad, which provide credits at the 3000 level, meets UF summer residency requirements, and applies to the writing and math requirement. The courses generally focus on gender and development in the host country.

Transfer students

Transfer students must take a minimum of 30 hours of Women's Studies courses at the University of Florida, or  petition the program for transfer credits.

Critical Tracking

Academic Learning Compact

To remain "on track" for this major you must meet the critical tracking criteria shown below.
Note: The following courses are offered through Women's Studies each semester:

Semester 1

2.0 UF GPA required for semesters 1-5

Semester 2

Maintain 2.0 UF GPA; complete one Women's Studies course

Semester 3

Maintain 2.0 UF GPA; complete one Women's Studies course

Semester 4

Complete one additional Women's Studies course with a 2.5 GPA on all critical tracking coursework (by Semester 4, at least two of the Women's Studies courses must have been at the upper-division level).

Semester 5

Complete two additional Women's Studies courses (by Semester 5, at least three of the four courses must be at the upper-division level) with a 2.5 GPA in all critical tracking coursework.

Sample Plan of Study

Semester 1 - Fall Credits

Semester 2 - Spring

Semester 3 -Fall

Semester 4 - Spring

Semester 5 - Fall

Semester 6 - Spring

Semester 7 - Fall

Semester 8 - Spring